• 11th 'Curvilinear Archives'

    Discover the new arrivals, "Curvilinear Archives' which contains the curves and textures inspired by trace and remnants. How the accumulation of small moments can build its own story, we designed multiple curves in one object to see different shape depending on the angle. The new material and color to be proposed in new collection is a black plating (potassium sulfate).We would like to suggest the most fascinating vintage black.

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  • 'Deep in Grassland' 10th collection

    Our 10th Collection, "Deep in Grassland" This collection tells the stories about beautiful and rich in nature. We designed rough textures and shape of fruits which included their thoughts of living a life in harmony with nature. We also offer more luxurious colors through glass.

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  • 14th 'The Origin'

    The 14th collection, "The Origin," features the origin and vastness of Mother Nature, an eternally fruitful source of everything. In this collection, natural colors are captured through the smooth curves, grandeur, and newly introduced gradation techniques of Mother Nature. The various green lights that trees produce, the colors of the dark night sky and sunset, the drying red flowers, the blue sea, etc. Many nature-inspired colors have completed this collection in a variety of ways. Discover the new collection, high-quality handmade jewelry and our own unique artistry.

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  • 13th 'THE BODY'

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  • 12th 'Oriental Beauty'

    "Oriental Beauty" 12th collection features the beauty of the Orient. A blue-white porcelain or long-necked jar, etc. with individuality, we were inspired by the shapes and colours of various ceramics and the colours shown in folk paintings, and expressed them in our own taste. In this collection, presents an elegant design that combines practical products with glittering ceramics and metal.

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  • 11.5th colletion 'Shape of Water'

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